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Mad Fables

An Indie band before their time

Mad Fables came together in the 1970's -- before such labels as "jam band" or "Indie" existed. They self-produced and published their own music (on vinyl:Get Off) and established a base of friends who enjoyed music and community. No one called it "Indie"; they called it "making a record". This site is dedicated to the wonderful fans who made Mad Fables such a vibrant memory.

Mad Fables was not the first Indie band, but they drew thousands of people to their self-run events. Far more people say they “saw the band live” than actually exist in the state of New Jersey.

The year was 1975, ancient history, but well past the age of dinosaurs. Mad Fables never had a hit on a commercial radio station, but forty years after their start, they seem to have gathered some steam. The legacy is their fans. And these are the tales and songs…

2021 Update News

Void Records has signed Mad Fables to re-issue their 1977 album "Get Off". Look for the vinyl platter in April!

madfables.com has been online for 21 years! It's been a gas! Three complete rewrites of the site, twice HD crashes without backup (a sin)!

Mad Fables

the Band atop Old Rag Mountain
Top left clockwise: MIchael Radtke, Jeff Hays, Mike Dugan, Spencer Hill, Richard C. Rheiner